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Tii Pullover by Joji | I’ve always been intrigued by sweater construction. I like to explore, to have fun, creating garments in different ways, not necessarily making things more complicated. Tii is quite a simple sweater pattern. It is beginner friendly, but it has a fun twist in the end, when you put all the pieces together. It is made in two halves (right and left) and the final touch is an i-cord that weaves both halves together. I called it in honor of my friend Tiina, who always supports and loves me… and who’s also taught me so many things (like knitting continental style!) ❤️ I love you, dear friend. Tiina also gifted me her yarn to work with, the gorgeous Tukuwool DK. I’ve used just one color (my favorite, gray), but you may use different colors for each half, or a different color for the cord… You could even knit different cords to change the look of the sweater. This is my first experiment using i-cords as ties in a sweater design and I can’t wait to explore this idea in depth.

Suggested Yarn Weight: Fingering