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Lyra Shawl by RhyFlower Knits | Do you ever gift a shawl to a non-knitter, only to see them wearing it with the wrong side on the outside? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, Lyra is a fully reversible shawl, making it gift-proof for your favorite knit-worthy friends who may not always remember the right side. Lyra is a triangular shawl that’s worked sideways along the bias. The shawl increases by 3 stitches every 4 rows, giving it that classic boomerang shape. We have graded this pattern for 3 sizes, but it is ridiculously easy to modify should you wish for other sizes or yarn weights, giving you a range of versatility and options for your shawl. Worked flat, this shawl pattern contains written directions and charts. A link to a handy-dandy progress tracker is included to help you with your row and stitch counts should you need it. This shawl pattern shines well with solid, semi-solid, lightly variegated, or speckled yarns. Picking an appropriate yarn for this project will ensure the yarn and the pattern are not in competition with one another, rather, they're working together to create something magical.

Suggested Yarn Weight: Fingering