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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the Deep South Drop Ship program?

The DS Drop Ship program allows Local Yarn Shops (LYS) to continue supplying their customers with heirloom quality patterns and books without ever leaving the house!  Here's how it works:

  • LYS take requests from their customers (whether through the LYS website, an email, phone call, etc.)
  • LYS then submit these pattern and book requests by completing the Order Form or by emailing Bulk Order Template.
  • Deep South receives the orders and ships them directly to each individual customer

Keep selling. No minimum. No inventory.


Who qualifies for this service?

DS Drop Ship is available to any retailer shipping to the United States and Canada. International stores can also utilize the program to provide for their customers who reside in those regions. LYS must be a wholesale customer of Deep South Fibers to qualify for the DS Drop Ship program. Click Here to become a Deep South Fibers wholesale customer!


How does billing work?

Your LYS will have a running invoice to track orders as they are submitted. Wholesale pricing remains the same for all patterns and books (with additional shipping fees). Payment is collected on a weekly basis through our Click It! billing option.


How much extra is shipping?

Costs for shipping can vary from order to order, so we made it easy for you! DS Drop Ship flat rates are listed right here!


Who does this benefit?

We at Deep South Fibers want to do our part to support our local yarn shops, knit & crochet designers, and the fiber arts community as a whole. With your support, we hope to keep both the revenue and the creative energy flowing!

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Shipping & Handling

S&H Flat Rates:

The chart below outlines the shipping rates per each individual order, based on the quantity of patterns and/or books purchased. These prices do not include the cost of merchandise.


Example (patterns only): One customer orders three (3) patterns. The cost of shipping would be $3.50.

Example (books only): One customer orders two (2) books. The cost of shipping would be $12.00.

Example (patterns & books): One customer orders one (1) book and four (4) patterns. The cost of shipping would be $13.75 ($10.00 + $3.75).

Example (patterns & books to Canada): One Canadian customer orders one (1) book and four (4) patterns. The cost of shipping would be $17.75 ($15.00 + $3.75).


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Order Form

Online Submission

Use the Digital Form to submit each customer's order. Don't forget to save it to your bookmarks for future use!


Bulk Order Submission

Have a lot of customer requests at once? Not a problem! Download the Drop Ship Order Form and submit your customer requests here.

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Terms & Conditions

Wholesale vs Retail Expenditure

Deep South Fibers is a wholesale distributor that provides Local Yarn Shops (LYS) and retailers with quality products for their customers. The LYS/Retailer is responsible for collecting the appropriate amount of funds from their consumers in order to cover the cost of local taxes and shipping fees.


Processing & Shipping

LYS/Retailers will receive a confirmation email once their order has been submitted and then another when the order has been shipped. Orders ship within two (2) business days upon receipt via USPS First-Class Mail® (for patterns) or FedEx 2Day® (for books). Tracking information is available for book purchases upon request. However, tracking information on pattern only orders is not available at this time.


Returns & Reshipments

Returned packages will be given one penalty free reshipment. This allows Deep South Fibers and LYS/Retailers the opportunity to communicate and improve any flaws in the system for a better business experience in the future. All further returned packages will be charged accordingly for extra shipping expenses.


Billing & Invoicing

Deep South Fibers will bill all shipped orders weekly (every Friday) using the Click It! credit card information provided by the LYS/Retailer. The first billing cycle for the DS Drop Ship program begins March 27, 2020. All billing and credit card information must be up-to-date in order to qualify for the DS Drop Ship program. If the credit card information is declined under any circumstance, all order shipments will be postponed until the LYS/Retailer can be contacted and corrects the issue. Order shipments will resume once payment has been approved. The LYS/Retailer will be responsible for contacting their customers concerning any shipment delays.

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